Photography is what I am passionate about. Every wedding,

family portrait, art project, or sporting event brings a new experience. I get such fulfillment and satisfaction out of sharing what I have seen with my eyes through the lens of a camera with those experiencing that one-and-only moment.


This is not simply a past time or what I choose to do to make a living. It’s a true passion, and it has been since I was a youngster piling up a season’s worth of baseball memories into a collage and taking a snapshot of them to commemorate my latest achievements.


To capture the essence of a feeling and a moment so you can then look back upon it as a fond memory is so precious when you ponder how quickly time passes before us these days. Sometimes we don’t even realize how monumental the moments are until they’re gone. The emotion of joining your life with another’s on your wedding day. The mischievous look your son shoots you when he’s up to no good. Your daughter’s contagious smile which lights up the room.


Allow me to journal your special moments so they will stand still in time.


 I am originally from Chicago, Illinois but relocated to Charlotte in the ‘80s with my family. While I’ve lived other places in the U.S. and abroad, I always gravitate back to Charlotte because its home. A graduate of UNC-Charlotte, I have experience in the furniture retail, food and wine industries. I have been working as a freelance photographer in the area for more than 20 years, and I’ve had the opportunity to shoot with a multitude of local highly-regarded photography studios and sports publications. I recently took a European sabbatical and had the opportunity to photo journal my travels and study under the tutelage of a well-known Austrian photomeister.





2010-2015 PROWLER Magazine/Southern Sports Journal

2011/2012 Berge Marketing - Mellau Austria

2012 Mens FC Au Season - Au/Schoppernau Austria 

2012 - ACC Men's Basketball Tournatment  - Atlanta GA

2012/2013 - Carolina Panthers Football Season - Charlotte NC

2012/2013 Charlotte Checkers Hockey Season - Charlotte NC

2012/2013 - Indigo Photography - Charlotte NC

2013/2014 - Catchlight Studios - Charlotte NC






Tel: 1.704.231.3909


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